Welcome to the first of Fred's two "fact-finding missions" for the town of Frost Heaves.
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Marpleville. Actually, I bet there'll be quite a few FrostHeavesians who might do some hearty lobbying to get the town named after them.

I was on the way home from Jaffrey the other night when I saw an orange sign, (like the frost heaves sign), but it said Bump?
So it started me to thinking?
I wonder if some of the residents of Frost Heaves defected and started their own town?
I'm going back out there next weekend, when I've got some time, and see if I can find someone to clear that up for me...
Another thing that's bothering me, while I've got your attention, do you suppose the State pays any view tax on all that property they own in the park? Oh, and the last time I was up there on top of the mountain, the view from up there was some nice too..

By golly, now you got me worried, John. What with all the other problems we got in Frost Heaves, the last thing we need is a secession movement. I suspect that Bump sign was put by some flatlander who moved up from Taxachusetts and doesn't know the territory. But you never know. Keep your eyes open and let us know if you pick up any signs of revolt fomenting. Or fermenting.

Gotta watch out for that fomenting after a visit to the IHOB. ;-)

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