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Bachelor's in Business Blogging--Half Day Seminar

Earn your blogging credentials with a customized, half-day seminar. I'll come to your location and present to as many people in your company as you want.  We'll explore:

1) Do you really need a blog?

2) Beginner Basics
     A. The Technology Behind Blogging (or, "You don’t need to be a geek, honest")
     B.  Sample blogs
          1)  Personal
          2)  Media—newspapers, etc.
          3)  Business blogs

3) Intermediate Basics
     A. Content—Efficient ways to build content ideas
     B. The blogging editorial process
     C. Demonstration: Creating a post/entry on a real blog
     D. Trouble-shooting
     E. Keeping up with innovations

Contact me to arrange for your Bachelor's in Business presentation today. Or, call the number on the home page. Or, just drop me a line if you have any questions.

Blogging is all about conversations. Let's start one.