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Master’s in Business Blogging--Full Day Seminar

An interactive, all-day event at your location. By the end of the day, we’ll create a prototype blog together and you'll be comfortable with the basic tools of blogging. We'll explore:

1) The Basics

     A. Technical issues
         1) Available blogging platforms (the software you can use)
         2) Standard features to look for
         3) Plug-ins, add-ons, bells and whistles
         4) What the heck is RSS?
     B. Content
         1) What to write about
         2) How to find topics/ Efficient idea-generators
         3) What do write when you don’t have anything to write
         4) The editorial process—how to work efficiently and plan accordingly

2) Live Demonstration
   I'll show you how to create a blog and a blog entry during a live demonstration (internet access required)

3) Hands-on
     In a small group, participants will help each other create a prototype blog

4) Re-group
     Answers to your most pressing questions

5) Brainstorming
     Work together to find content ideas to nurture your niche

6) Trouble-shooting
     When to call in the experts

7) Tips from the launch pad
     Now that you've decided to blog...begin

Contact me to arrange for your Master's in Business presentation today. Or, call the number on the home page.  Or, just drop me a line if you have any questions.

Blogging is all about conversations. Let's start one.